Rebellion Way

Rebellion Way

The Rebellion Way is a 232-mile/373km cycling adventure around Norfolk. Meandering along a mix of quiet, mostly flat back roads, byways, cycle paths and bridleways under huge panoramic skies, it’s a fantastic introduction to multi-day, on- and off-road adventuring for anyone.

Top 10 Places To Visit In Norfolk

Norwich is historically England’s second city and it is packed with interesting places to go and things to see. Its history spans 1,000 years. Alongside galleries, theatres and shops to check out, you can also go for a tour around Norwich Cathedral, which commands a lovely central spot in the city called Tombland.
SugarBeat eating house, restaurant, bar and B&B in Norwich

Why Are We Called SugarBeat Eating House?

Our name's origins lie in our love of fun, music, and the wonderful county of Norfolk.

Following a complete refurbishment of the former Dunn Cow pub, we felt it was important to give our newly minted property a name to match its fun, colourful and playful interior. A clear line distinguishing the old from the new. Operating in a venue with over 400 years of hospitality history, we wanted to create a name that brought the pub from the past & into the present. What better way of doing this than giving it a new name!

With our love of the fine county of Norfolk, we took one of its staple agricultural ingredients, Sugarbeet and injected a bit of fun & a musical Beat together with a description of what we are and hey presto, on 1st July 2014 - SugarBeat Eating House was born.

Featuring 4 musically named rooms (Jackson, Bolton, Vandross & Manilow), an all day playlist to suit all ears & live music events throughout the summer months, we believe that music plays a great part of any hospitality venue. The ‘eating house’ clearly describes what we do! Open for breakfast, lunch & dinner everyday of the year (Except for Christmas day & Boxing day, we like to give our team some time at home with their families!) We hope you enjoy what we believe encapsulates our vision of relaxed hospitality.

Henry Watt & Stevie King