Why are we called SugarBeat eating house?

Why Are We Called SugarBeat eating house? 

The story of SugarBeat Eating House begins with a playful nod to the beautiful county of Norfolk, an area known for its rich agricultural heritage. In our mission to capture the essence of our local surroundings, we stumbled across a charmingly unusual inspiration, the unassuming, yet versatile sugar beet! 

For centuries, Norfolk farmers have grown sugar beet as a staple crop, sowing it in the spring and nurturing it through the summer months until harvest time begins in October. 

The harvested crop undergoes processing with sugar extracted, filtered and crystallised. This process makes sugar beet the world's second largest source of sugar, following only the sugarcane.

We wanted a name that paid homage to our local heritage mixed with our love of music and good times.

 With Norfolk at the heart of it all, we took its staple agricultural ingredient - sugar beet - and decided to give it a twist!

And what better way to elevate it than infusing it with a bit of fun and a musical beat…

And thus the SugarBeat was born! 

Whether you’re catching up with an old friend, enjoying lunch with a colleague or treating yourself to a 3 course meal with your favourite people, SugarBeat has something for everyone.

We believe music plays a big part in setting the vibe of any venue, so we’ve carefully created a playlist to suit all ears. And to keep the rhythm going, we host live music events throughout the summer months! 

Henry Watt & Stevie King