Why Are We Called SugarBeat Eating House?

Our name's origins lie in our love of fun, music, and the wonderful county of Norfolk.

Following a complete refurbishment of the former Dunn Cow pub, we felt it was important to give our newly minted property a name to match its fun, colourful and playful interior. A clear line distinguishing the old from the new. Operating in a venue with over 400 years of hospitality history, we wanted to create a name that brought the pub from the past & into the present. What better way of doing this than giving it a new name!

With our love of the fine county of Norfolk, we took one of its staple agricultural ingredients, Sugarbeet and injected a bit of fun & a musical Beat together with a description of what we are and hey presto, on 1st July 2014 - SugarBeat Eating House was born.

Featuring 4 musically named rooms (Jackson, Bolton, Vandross & Manilow), an all day playlist to suit all ears & live music events throughout the summer months, we believe that music plays a great part of any hospitality venue. The ‘eating house’ clearly describes what we do! Open for breakfast, lunch & dinner everyday of the year (Except for Christmas day & Boxing day, we like to give our team some time at home with their families!) We hope you enjoy what we believe encapsulates our vision of relaxed hospitality.

Henry Watt & Stevie King